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Toast 9 Titanium Version History

Toast 9 Titanium v9.0.7a

  • Updated TiVo Transfer application to resolve issue where some TiVo DVRs may not be seen on local network



Toast 9 Titanium v9.0.7

  • Disc Image Mounting should now function correctly on both 32-bit and 64-bit kernel

TiVo Transfer v2.0

  • Resolves issue where application does not launch



Toast 9 Titanium v9.0.5

CD Spin Doctor

  • Resolves issue where distortion may be recorded when using system audio capture
  • Resolves issue where waveform may not be drawn correct after updating to Mac OS X v10.5.6



Toast 9 Titanium v9.0.4

  • Resolves a number of MPEG video related audio/video sync issues
  • Resolves issue related to looping chapters on authored video discs
  • Resolves issue with some video files that may cause –39 error
  • Improves compatibility for disc images with 2K block size in partition map
  • Improves compatibility for disc images with only XML resource fork
  • Improved detection of AVCHD volumes   
  • Resolves issues relating to cutting and trimming TiVo recordings with Toast Video Player

Streamer v1.0.4

  • Resolves an issue where list of videos may not be refreshed correctly



Toast 9 Titanium v9.0.2

  • Resolves a number of encoding issues related to high-definition source content and creation of Blu-ray video discs
  • Resolves situation where high-definition DVDs would not play back on PlayStation 3
  • Resolves a number of TiVo related audio/video sync issues

Streamer v1.0.2
  • Improved stability on PowerPC Macs
  • Resolved situation that would cause Streamer to hang when starting server

CD Spin Doctor v5.0.1.617t
  • Resolves a potential crash issue after capturing audio
  • Resolves an issue where sending tracks to iTunes did not complete successfully


Toast 9 Titanium v9.0.1

  • Resolves a potential crash with Fit-To-DVD Enabled
  • Resolves issue creating audio CDs on non-English Mac OS installations